Drops pattern 114-31

Hello you lovely people,

I’m in need of some help before I lose the will to live.

I’ve been coveting this pattern for some time now and I’ve finally mustered the courage to knit it, only to be dash yet again because I can;t understand the blooming pattern!!!

It’s a drops one, I can work out the short rows, and the cables are fine, its when and where to put the neck cables that’s my problem.

Please oh please could someone help me??

Thanks so much,


Welcome to KH. Exactly where in the pattern do you need help? Someone else will probably find it easily but not me.

DROPS 114-31


Thanks for the welcome, I suppose its where to start really. I cant seem to get my head round the short rows and when the top cable comes into play. I’ve cast on and done my button holes, so I suppose I should just jump straight in and see how I go???

I’m confused because the bottom edge is wider than the top edge and the number of rows will be different so how do I count the stitches and where I should be???

Very frustrated. Mayby I’m reading to much into it??

Welcome to the forum!
OK, the placement of the cable for the neck is here:
“Continue in pattern and shortened rows as follows from RS: 2 garter sts, P 4 , [B]M.2 (= 16 sts), [/B]P2, garter st on the next 15-19-23 sts, M.2 (=16 sts), 4 garter sts …”

You only need to keep tract of the rows for the placement of the cable crosses. Because of the short rows, you’ll probably need to keep track of the neck cable and the body cable separately.

ETA: It would be good if you would edit the pattern you’ve posted please. GG has kindly given us the link and we don’t want to get into copyright problems. This happens even with free patterns.