Drops Design pattern - December Bloom

Question is: … This is a top down pullover sweater. ….work 1 round, then work rib in the round (knit 1 twisted, purl 1). Most directions tell you to knit into the back of the knit and into the back of the purl for a twisted rib. This only says to twist the knit. HELP, please!
The pattern also reads (when increasing stitches, “Now increase every other purl 1 to Purl 2.” From the Increase Tip 1 section.

One of a group of Drops patterns including hat and cardigan.

This is just another way of working a twisted rib. Perhaps the designer didn’t want it tightened up as much as twisting both knit and purl sts. It’s certainly a lovely stitch pattern and sweater.

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Thanks so much. Lately, I seem to be questioning everything.
I edited the question a minute ago - can you look at that part, as that may explain why I only twist the knit stitch.

Yes, that increase probably factors in as well. It’s like working a Make one where the previous round’s yarn overs have given you a bit more yarn to work with. Nice.

Thanks again!

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You’re very welcome.
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