Drops baby 33-8 help


So I’ve never started a drops pattern, I’ve always had problems reading the pattern but I would really like to complete this one!
I’m having trouble understanding where the bind offs start so far I understand:
Co 36
1 KS, (P2,K2)* REPEAT until 3 sts remain, k2, 1ks
1 KS, (k2,p2)* REPEAT until 3 sts remain,p2, 1 KS
1 KS, (k2,p2) repeat until 3 sts remain, p2,1 KS
1 KS , (p2,k2) repeat until 3 sts remain,k2, 1 KS

Work until piece measures 12 cm (adjust so next row is right side.)

Now I get confused where it starts

Bind off 1 stitch at beginning of the next 2 rows (i.e. bind off edge stitches) = (30) 34-38-38-42 (42-50) stitches. Then work the next 2 rows as follows, begin from right side: Work as before over all stitches and cast on (3) 3-3-5-5 (7-7) new stitches at the end of row (= mid back). Turn piece, work A.1

So would I still be binding off the first stitch and then doing an edge stitch and continuing the pattern , casting on three stitches at the end

Or am I no longer doing the edge sts,binding off next edge stitch continuing pattern and casting on 3 stitches

Any help I would appreciate!
I’m due in October I’m trying to figure this out by then :smile:


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Congratulations on the coming baby. That’s a great reason to knit.

Bind off the edge stitch at the beginning of the next 2 rows. From then on there won’t be a garter edge stitch until you work the body. Cast on 3sts at the end of the next row and then cast on 4sts at the end of the following row. Continue with the directions from there keeping the newly cast on sts in the pattern.


Thank you for replying !
I may need to clarify a little what I’m confused on…
Am I casting on the new sts on the same row that I bind off the first st
Or am I binding off first sts of two rows then following those two rows is when I start the row with the cast on sts ?
Sorry its confusing to me the way its written


Drops patterns are translations and they can be confusing. Work 2 rows (call them rows 1 & 2) with the bind off of 1 stitch at the beginning of each row. Then work 2 more rows (rows 3 & 4) with the cast on of sts at the ends of each.


Thank you so much ! That’s what I thought it was but wasn’t 100 percent. I know they have really nice patterns just I have to rewrite them out then most the time I give up because the wording.