Drops Autumn sunrise pattern yoke help

Hi I’m knitting a drops design , never knitted on circular needles all good until I got to the yoke , found the graph confusing
and also the elevation mid back ( never seen this before in a patten )

The pattern is Autumn sunrise by drops design hope someone can help also the elevation part , very confusing

This is pretty!

Try this video.

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Basically you’re working short rows across the back in order to make the sweater fit more comfortably. There’ll be more rows in the center back than at the edges. I just finished a Drops cardigan with similar directions. The only difference is that I substituted short rows in the video GG linked to (thanks, GG) to avoid holes at the turns.

Thanks I’ll try it , so I need to put it in or can it be skipped also with the graph it’s not a normal graph do I just continue it repeating
I’d like to put the photo up to show what I mean is there anyway I can ,the graph isn’t for example a inch by inch it wide in parts and thinner

GG’s link to the pattern lets us see the graph but if you’d like to upload a photo click the up arrow in the middle of the banner at the top in the Reply box.
The graph isn’t that unusual. It increases and decreases in width due to increases and purl 2tog or k2tog decreases. It repeats around the yoke although the total number of rows are only worked once.
The sweater fits better with the short rows but you can leave then out if you prefer.