Drops 202-21 jacket

I so appreciate everyone’s help! This is my first cardigan. I’m on the yoke and it says to continue with the increases so the piece measures 10 1/4 inches from neck edge to mid front. To get to that measurement my stitch count will be more than the pattern. It doesn’t say what to do with those stitches. Do I decrease to match their count? I’m doing the XL size.

Then, when I separate the sleeves from body, am I reading it that I do that from knitting a wrong side row? If so, my last yarnovers won’t be knitted but just slipped onto the scrap yarn? When I start knitting the sleeves, won’t my yarn overs leave holes?

Thank you so much. I worry that if I’m not matching the pattern exactly I’m doing it all wrong. :slightly_frowning_face:. Sometime, does it not match up exactly?

Great looking sweater for a first venture.
The length of the yoke is 24cm which should be about 9.5 inches. If you’ve gotten to the correct stitch number but not quite the correct length, continue on those sts without any increases until you reach the length you want.

It may be that your row gauge doesn’t precisely match the pattern gauge. That often happens and it’s not a problem in most cases. Your pattern even makes allowance for that: “If the garment is shorter than this, continue until correct measurements.”

Since you won’t be increasing on the last rows, you won’t have to worry about the yarn overs not getting closed up.

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Thank you so much. I have 6 extra stitches on the sleeve, so I’ll just stop my increases and continue to make the 24 cm in length. Also, thank you for the reassurance on the stitch count. I feel like I’ve really messed up when I don’t match exactly. This pattern seems to allow room for some extra stitches.

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