Dropping stitches

I am knitting a scarf done on circular needles (lengthwise) yes…I’m still new at knitting. The scarf I’m trying to knit is one that I’ve seen that has dropped stitches (or elongated stitches) similar to the scarf that Amy showed in a post; how do I do dropped stitches using the continental method? Also, is a dropped stitch the same as a yarn over?

I’ve watched Amy’s video several times to try to figure the yarn over out on my own (since I read in a later post that the yarn over is similar to a drop stitch), but when I get to the end of a row (on a swatch), the last stitch is like a large loop that just wants to fall off at the end of the row…do you knit a stitch on each end when doing the scarf? I hope I’ve explained my dilemma well enough for some of the pros out there to help!! Thanks! Joyce

Hi Joyce, I’m by no means a pro but I might be able to help. I’ve knitted a number of scarves using the drop stitch pattern. I’ve always started with a k1, yo,(yo as many times as your pattern calls for) k1, repeating across the row, ending with a k1.
on the next row, knit the knits and drop the yo’s, and you should end with a k1.
As for how to yo continental it’s easy as pie. I just scoop the yarn around my right needle. Just make sure you do it so the yarn is coming off the back of the needle. Amy has a video on yo in the increase section under basic techniques.
A yo is not necessarily a dropped stitch, only if that is what you’re to do. It’s also used as an increase.
I hope that makes sense to you. :slight_smile:

Welcome Joyce!

There’s a video on doing the dropped/elongated stitch. Actually, two videos! A short video in the Advanced Techniques section (next to the cable-stitch picture) that shows how to do the stitch, and a longer video in the Getting Started section (bottom right corner of page), which demonstrates it on a scarf, and shows samples of similar scarves.