Dropping down to M1?

I just need to make sure I can do what I think I can do with latest project. I’m working on the Blue Sky Alpaca cropped cardigan and I’m doing M1 increases every other row on either side of my markers and I seem to have missed two increases (I know, I know, I should have been counting!) Anyways…I’m just wondering, if I drop my stitch all the way down…will I be able to pick up that M1, and the subsequent ones when I rework that line? I really don’t want to frog back for these two little stitches. But is there anything I need to know when doing this? Thanks ladies!!
Merry Christmas!!!


How will you make the additional stitch? There probably won’t be enough yarn there to do it… :?? And in the following rows, too… :shrug:

(If you do manage it, let us know how!)


I think I’d just throw in a couple of extra increases now.

Ingrid - I was thinking that, but the M1 are making the little holes at the shoulder for a decorative touch, so i thought that would mess up the pattern??!.. oh the thought of frogging! One is only a few rows back, but I’m up to 180+ stitches, and the other is somewhere near the 5th row!! Yikes!

I’m not sure that you can drop down and have it not be noticeable, but you can always try and if it doesn’t work, you’ll be frogging, anyway.

You know, that’s definintely true. I’ll just give it a whirl and see what happens, it went pretty quick because it’s on bigger needles, and I’ll have plenty of time over the next couple days to relax with it!

So I ended up fixing the one near the top, wasn’t too hard to do, but I let the other one go. So I was only one stitch off, across the back of the cardigan…it just makes it original!! Thanks ladies & Merry Christmas!!