Dropped sts in cable

Hi there! I am new at this forum thing, but will try my best! I am making a cable afgan … in trying to fix a mistake a few rows back, I dropped several stitches in the cable … is there any way to pick up dropped stitches adjacent to each other? I have tried and can’t seem to come up with anything. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. :hug:
Walnutglen :knitting:

Yes. I have changed cables which would be the same thing only worse. :slight_smile: Here is a site that shows how one lady rips out to fix a cable. You situation is not the exact same thing, but it should help you see what you need to do.

When she gets to the point where she has ripped down to the problem and has all the ladders and has recrossed the cable…I have not proceded from there as she did. I think it is a great idea if it works for a person, but it seems like it would be hard to knit with that strand of yarn like she shows. What I have done is to take one stitch at a time off the dpn and work it the rest of the way up with a crochet hook. It may look a little weird at first but as you get them all done it straightens out.

I hope this helps.

thank you so much, MerigoldinWA, for your advice ! I could not find the link you suggested though … is it a video on KH ? TY again … walnutglen : )

I’m sorry I thought I had given you the link. Here it is: Click here.

Maybe this is what you were talking about and maybe not. I hope this helps.

TY for the link … that is exactly what I needed ! although I have all the sts back on except the center st… that seems to leave a hole when I try to k it inline with the others … I have taken a digital photo of my work … but not sure how to get it over to the post … I will go back and work at this st again and see what happens … TY again so very much. WG

You’re welcome. I hope it turns out well. Any little inconsistencies you have may even out if you pull on things different directions when you are done and when you block it a bit.