Dropped Stitches

Hi I am a beginner knitter and when I drop a stitch and notice it a few lines later I have problems fixing it. I am using the continental stitch. Any help is appreciated.:muah:

It doesn’t matter whether you knit English or Continental you fix mistakes the same way. Here is a link to some explanation and still pictures for fixing dropped stitches. LINK There is also a video about how to do it on this site. Go up to the free videos on the top bar and get the the drop down menu and choose “Tips”. Scroll down till you find what you need.

I always do it using a crochet hook. Works well for me.

It is harder in pattern stitches, but many of them can be fixed too without ripping or tinking. I rarely drop as stitch, it will become rare for you with practice. Until you have more time under your belt you might find it helpful to take a few seconds to look at each row after it is worked to see if there are any errors, the sooner you address them the better. With a dropped stitch you don’t need to tink back to the error but can fix it when you get to it on the next row.