Dropped stitches


I am making a top and I didn’t see until 4 rows later that I dropped maybe 1 or 2 stitches. The problem is that I can’t see the stitch that was dropped.

Please help

Thank you


Have you counted your stitches to confirm that there is a dropped stitch? It might have been an accidental snag? It looks like you may be more than 4 rows past the error but it’s probably best to rip back to the mistake.
Rip out until you get to the row before the mistake and then put your needle into the stitch below as you pull out the yarn strand. That’ll insure that the stitch sit correctly on the needle and don’t get lost.

It’s a bit like this except that your sts won’t be on the right hand needle. Lay the knitted piece flat on the table.

Your knitting is lovely and well worth getting rid of this error.