Dropped stitches with fur yarn

Help! I can’t see the stitches I dropped using fur yarn. How can I pick them up again?

It won’t be obvious but you’ll need to work stitch by stitch across the row looking for the dropped stitch or a ladder left by the drop. Look for slightly larger spaces between sts. You can also lay the piece flat and try to feel the dropped stitch.
It may help to use stitch markers every 10sts or so and to count sts at the end of a row to help catch this early.
I sympathize, believe me. It’s a problem with fur yarn. On the other hand, it’s very forgiving of mistakes.

Thank you! I’ve captured all but one of the stitches. I ended up going back to where I changed colors and they were easier to see. When I got too frustrated finding the last one, I gave it a rest and I’ll give it another try. I do like the look and how forgiving it is, but you sure have to be careful!