Dropped Stitches When Picking Up a Provisional Cast On

I have a weird situation with a Provisional Cast On. I have a pattern for a cowl that is knit in the round, sideways. You Cast on 528 stitches, Knit 77 rounds of the chart, Purl a round (for the turning round), knit the next 77 rounds of the chart, and finally, pick up the Provisional Cast On and kitchener the two sides together.
I used a 32 and a 42 inch wire fastened together as my needle to pick up the Provisional Cast On stitches. Here’s the issue: about 3/4 of the way around, I realized the wire and fastener had separated and about 1/2 of my picked up stitches had dropped between the needle and the wire. After about 2 hours, I was able to capture most of those stitches. Quite a few got dropped.
My question is: How do you “ladder down”? (If my Provisional Cast On is at the bottom and I’ve dropped a few stitches, all the “V"s of the knit stitch are facing up, the open end of the “V” is up. So, how do you ladder down from the bottom of the “V” to the Provisional Cast On?) A knitter suggested I turn the work so that the Provisional Cast On edge was at the top of my work and “ladder up” as usual. BUT, that would still have my stitches upside down. The pointy end of the"V” would be facing the opposite way.
I’d really appreciate any thoughts or ideas you may have. I’m totally stumped.

Since the loops have worked loose from the cast on, follow the advice to ladder up from the dropped stitch to the provisional cast on. I don’t think that the direction of the Vs will be OK. At least you can give it a try.