Dropped stitches to cast on edge - Fix?

Hello all. I’m a beginning knitter and need a little help. How do you fix a garter stitch that has dropped all the way to the cast-on edge? I know how to fix it if it’s dropped a few rows but not all the way to the cast-on edge. I’m only about 4 rows into this easy project and I know it’s easier just to rip it and start all over but I’d like to know how to pick up dropped stitches when they go aaalllllll the way down in case it happens again and I’m further into a project. I’ve done a search in the forums and the videos and can’t find this answer anywhere. Thanks for your help!

Look at the videos under Fixing Mistakes on the Tips page. You would pick it up the same way. Has the CO st come loose too, or is there still a loop? You can pull the first strand through the cast on loop anyway you can, then follow the instructions for picking up the rest of them.

No, there is no loop anymore, just 5 ‘ladders’. That’s the part that was confusing me…how to bring the loop back…correctly. My efforts are giving me twisted stitches and holes. Thanks for your help.

You probably need to watch the video for this, it shows you how to make the ‘ladders’ into stitches. You can twist the bottom one and pull the next ladder into it, then go on from there.