Dropped stitch

I dropped a stitch about 3" below my current progress on a baby sweater in garter stitch-all knit rows. If I try to correct the dropped stitch by following instructions for knit rows it ends up looking like stockinette on one side and purl on the other. I’ve done too much work in the way of binding off then casting on for a neck edge to just be able to rip it out.

Help-how do I correct a dropped stitch on garter pattern?

You have to turn the piece from side to side so you get garter stitch, or else do every other row alternating bringing it up as a purl stitch.

There are several videos online to show you how to do the corrections that Sue metnione but this one seems particularly clear. See if it helps.

I’ve avoided using garter stitch because I absolutely hated picking up a dropped stitch. I eventually worked it out to do it more or less the way shown in the video salmonmac posted. When it happens again, I’ll watch the video for a refresher.