Dropped stitch?

I have counted my stitches (all 113 of them) and they are intact, but I have a spot where I have the ‘ladder’ effect going on. Could I have dropped a stitch but still have the correct number of stitches? And how do I fix it!? I have loose thread there and I’ve gone over it with 2 more rows thinking it would repair but it hasn’t. I’m about to take the last 3 or 4 rows off and start again…

Are you knitting in the round or flat? A picture would help. Info in my sig about acceptable sizes and how to post. You may need a few posts first though.

Could you have dropped one and accidentally added one?

There’s a nice series of videos under Free Videos at the top of the page, Tips, Fixing Mistakes including this one for dropped sts. You’ll need to stop and repair it or it’ll ladder all the way down your knitting. I agree with Jan, sounds like an added st somewhere as well.

I’m knitting a flat piece with the circular needles. I think I did drop one and add one because when it happened, I tried to fix it but I couldn’t figure out what I did. So I picked up and dropped a few threads until I found what looked right and kept going, but when I got to the end it still didn’t look right.
The pattern is K3, P3 across until the last 4 or 7 which you knit. I’ll have to keep looking for videos also, I couldn’t figure out what I did, so I didn’t know which video to watch and I couldn’t find the fixing mistakes videos.

I tried to upload a picture about 20 times but I’ve cropped and resized the image so many times to fit it on the forum it’s almost unrecognizable. The pixels are right but the size of the file is too large to upload. I’m giving up and watching videos.

You may have inadvertantly added a stitch when you switched between knits and purls. It’s easy to bring the yarn over the needle, making a yarn over, instead of between the needles.
This is a video for fixing ladders that may help.
Here’s a link to the Tips section under Free Videos. Scroll down to the Fixing Mistakes videos.

Sometimes I think I worked a stitch but end up with a yarn over and a dropped stitch, and work the yo as a stitch. Maybe you did something like that. When I catch it several rows later it’s easy to fix because the yo kept the count correct and I can pick it up w/o it being too tight.