Dropped stitch

i am working in garter stitch and i dropped a stitch a few rows down and i was wondering how to fix it, i tried to bring it back up, but now it has knit on one side and purl on the other, how do i fix it so its garter stitch?

I assume you watched Amy’s video on fixing dropped stitches on this site? For garter stitch, you have to do it on BOTH sides of your knitting, altering each time. Bring the loop around the OTHER side of the stitch. So you’ll put your crochet hook through the other side than you did for the stitch before. It’s kind of a pain with garter stitch, but you can do it.

I was just going to say what Gina said. It took me a while to figure it out, too. It’s like you are knitting and purling at the same time. You may have to try it and see which side of the work to start the fix on to have it look right.

If you drop a stitch doing the basket stitch it’s impossible to fix! :frowning: Unless someone knows how to do that. If so PM me!

I’ve done it. You just have to figure out which side you want the loop on and put your crochet hook on the side that will get it there. Then you switch for the next section, putting the loop on the other side. Is that clear as mud?