Dropped stitch shawl

I needed a mindless project for a drive from Tucson, AZ to San Antonio, TX. This is what I came up with. Since it’s so simple and easy to memorize I thought I’d share it. I see lots of posts about “What’s a good first time project”. I think this one is good for getting your feet wet or for just the mindless knitting we all need from time to time. Hope y’all like it :hug:

This is not a complicated pattern AT ALL. Very simple, but also really pretty and looks a lot like hairpin lace.

Cast on 250 or more stitches depending on how long you want it to be. Use a very flexible cast on method.

Rows 1-6 Knit
Row 7 Knit wrapping yarn around the needle 2 to 3 times around the needle. I did 3 to make it look more like hairpin lace.
Row 8 Knit dropping the extra wraps
Row 9-12 Knit
Row 13 Knit wrapping yarn around the needle 2 to 3 times around the needle.
Row 14 Knit dropping the extra wraps

Continue in pattern until wrap is as wide as you’d like. Finish knit 6 rows. Bind off using a very flexible bind off method. Weave in ends and block.

ETA Grr, photo didn’t upload and now it’s telling me I don’t have permission to add a photo. Will go put one up on shutterfly and post link.

Very good looking and very creative!

It looks really neat from a distance. Wish I could get a closer look at it, though!

Thanks for sharing!

Very pretty! Wish I could knit in the car. You’d need to on that drive! :zombie:

That’s lovely. Thanks very much for the pattern. I can’t knit in the car either although it sure would help to be able to. Good for you!

It’s really nice! I envy your ability to work the dropped stitch design.

It’s always been a bugger for me. I’ve tried some drop stitch scarf patterns from time to time…and end up frogging them after about 3"! :eyes: