Dropped Stitch Problem


In my Baby Shawl, I dropped a stitch 5 rows back and only just noticed it.
Luckily the stitches are quite big so it was easy enough to follow Amy’s video to pick it back up again.

The problem I have now, is where I unravelled and re-ravelled back to the needle, there is a massive hole, like I could have put a YO there, but I haven’t. Is this a consequence or punishment for dropping the stitch in the first place or have I done something fixable?

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but the Crochet hook I used was the same size as the needles I’m using.


Are we talking about stockinette? Are you sure you went all the way back to the dropped stitch? :??

Nope - Its in Garter, and the hole is up on the needles and appears more when I knit the next row - the actual dropped stitch is repaired fine.
Its up where I started the unravel that’s the problem.

Did you start knitting back the wrong direction after you picked up the stitch? That can leave a hole when you come back on the next row and knit over it.