Dropped stitch on double knitting?

Hi everyone!
I have been knitting that cardigan witch two yarns at once and after casting off, I realised that one stitch quite far down my piece, has dropped, well, one of the two yarn of the stitch has dropped… I don’t know how I missed it until now, but I was wondering, is there a way for me to get that stitch back and put back that yarn where it’s meant to be witch having to drop the stick back to where it got messed up?
Thanks you in advance!

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Did you go back to normal on the next row or round? So the total number of stitches hasn’t changed, and there’s just one dropped loop on one row?

If you could post a photo that would be great :slight_smile:

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Well yeah I think I just didn’t pick the two yarns as I was doing my stitch but carried on without seeing it, or probably wasn’t done properly and slides off, so there is just this stitch, with one loose yarn
Thank you for the help!

Thanks for posting a photo. You can disguise this by getting a crochet hook and pulling that loop through to the back of your knitting. Try to pull it through where it should have gone, so through the “collar” below the single-strand loop.

Alternatively, you could cut the long strand and weave it through to exactly where it should have gone, then secure it with a few stitches of sewing thread on the back. This is harder because you will be securing two short tails.

To fix it perfectly, you’d have to unravel back to the mistake. Is it far back?

I’ll just try to add an arrow to your photo.


Here’s option 1. Pull a loop through where the arrow is pointing, going to the back where the x is. Weave in and secure with sewing thread.

Option 2. Cut yarn and take each end along the path it should have taken, as shown with the bottom arrows, and going to the back, as shown with the top arrows. Secure it there with sewing thread to make sure it can’t come undone.