Dropped edge stitch a few rows down

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I’m currently knitting a blanket from a set that I was bought for Christmas. I’ve noticed I’ve dropped an edge stitch but it’s now a few rows down (after a colour change too!) and I can’t figure out how to fix it! Any ideas?

The work has 130 rows of really thick wool so this project has been quite challenging as I can’t really see what I’m doing; the work is all so bunched up to fit it on the needles. I’ve made a few errors already and have had to take the project off the needles once before. I really don’t want to do that again but also don’t want to give up!!

Is it possible to just carry on and live with a wonky blanket or will it look terrible?!

I’ve attached a picture. Any help would be really appreciated as I don’t want to let the person down that bought me the set as a gift!

Here’s a link that should help you fix it. I’m not sure how it will work with two colors, but if it doesn’t I’d just tink back a few rows and fix it then start your white again.

Fixing dropped edge stitches

Tinking back knitting rows

Tinking back purl rows

I don’t know what you’re making, but with a lot of stitches it’s easiest to circular needles so they aren’t so crowded.

Hi Jan

Thank you for your help. Sorry for the delayed response!

Is knitting with circular needles the same technique as with straight?

I tried to tink back but ended up making another mistake (argh!) so I have taken the work off the needles and am thinking of starting again but with circular.

Is there anything I should bare in mind with circular needles?

The item is a blanket and it’s probably about 1.5 metres long so I have been really stuggling using the straight needles that came with the blanket set.


Knitting with circulars is basically the same thing except you have the cable with the stitches. You’re still knitting with two needles. It takes a few minutes to understand the turning, but it’s not hard at all. You just flip end for end and make sure the working yarn is on the left needle so you don’t accidentally join the stitches. Knitting a blanket will MUCH easier on circulars than straight needles. Unless you’re knitting strips or squares to sew together you really can’t do it well on straight needles.

So things to keep in mind…

You need a long circular for a blanket that size (or any size really. I suggest at least 40-50 inches…not sure how to translate that. I personally prefer a longer circular, but some people prefer shorter.

The circulars at craft stores often have stiff cables which may be okay for a blanket, but not for other things. My favorite or Knitter’s Pride which is actually one of the less expensive brands. Knitpicks also has good needles. I’m not sure what you can get where you live though.