Dropped a stitch knitting socks! Help!

Hello I am a new knitter and I decided to make socks. I noticed that I dropped one stitch and it’s perfectly there (don’t know how to explain) but like I can put the needle through the stitch… It’s like it slipped off or something. Anyways I’ve knitted so much past it. Should I just unravel it? Or is there a way for me to fix it?

I know I can’t just leave it,it would make a hole

(Also I’m not the best with the knitting terms so with explaining use easy words haha)

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Since you can see the stitch, put a safety pin in it or thread a piece of scrap yarn through it to keep it from moving further down the knitting.
If the dropped stitch is 3-4 rows down and you’re not too tight a knitter, you may be able to work it up to the needle that holds the stitches (ladder it up). It’s similar to this video.

You probably don’t have such an obvious ladder above the stitch but if you pull the sts a bit apart you’ll see the strand between sts that you need to use to work the stitch up to the needle.
If the dropped stitch is too far down, you may have to tie it off to a neighboring stitch. That’ll keep it from running further. If you need that stitch you can always increase somewhere In the current row.