Dropped a KFB. Is this fixable?


I was wondering if anyone has any clever tricks for picking up a dropped kfb increase.

I am working on a blanket, and got to a place where the previous row had a kfb increase…when I went to knit, I fumbled. I think I’ve only lost half of the increase, but now I’m not sure how to fix it.

Is it possible to fix without just ripping back? It’s a blanket, so that’s a long way back, even if it’s just one row. And to make matters worse, it’s on a section using black yarn, so it’s super hard to see what’s going on AND to knit back.

Any help appreciated!

Sure you can fix it. I’d probably pick the dropped stitch up as if it were a make one left or right, but it’s fixable. The only question is how it’s affecting the row you’re on, but if it’s a purl row…yeah, just fix it as you go by.
The great thing about black yarn is that if it’s hard to see what you’re doing, it’s hard for anyone else to see what you did :wink:

I think I’m having a hard time conceptualizing how to do a make one left or right in the middle of a row. how do I use all that slack stuff as the yarn that is normally coming off the ball?

You go across to where you’re missing the stitch. Now, instead of going on to the next one, either reach down and grab the purl bar on the stitch you just used, or snag the yarn between that stitch and the next one. In dark yarn, either will work.

It’ll be tight, but most of the time, unless the knit is really, really stiff, you can wiggle enough to get the tip of your needle through and knit or purl, whichever you need to do.