Drop yo

Hi there. I am working on a pattern that requires me to *yo,k1, which I have finally figured out, but I don’t know what exactly to do with the *drop yo,p1 . I know the purl bit, but as for the drop, do I just let it go? Won’t that create a hole? Huh? (I’m new:)) Any help would be great! Thanks,
Annalese :XX:

yup that’s exactly what you are suppose to do and what it will do. is there a picture of what you are making with the pattern? can you see the holes in the picture?

It will create a hole, but it sounds like the pattern WANTS to have holes.

Thanks guys, you’re right, I think the pattern is meant to have holes. Unfortunatly I don’t have my knitting on me but I’ll have a go at just dropping it when I get home. Thanks again for your quick reply!