Drop YO help!

I’m a relative newbie to knitting, but catch on fast…I’m trying to knit the Victorian Fingerless Gloves from knitpicks free patterns (http://www.knitpicks.com/Victorian+Fingerless+Gloves+Pattern_PD50633220.html ), and all is going well enough until I get to row 2 and the drop YO instruction followed by 2 purls…
the instruction is to drop second loop of double YO off the LH needle but I have NO CLUE what that means…

do I do a double yarn over and then drop something off (and then how does it get to the left hand needle–I think I’m knitting english style) OR did I screw up row 1?

Thanks so much for the help! :muah:

ps I may have a problem when I get to the ‘pick up for the wrist’ too, but I will be happy to figure out the drop yo part of the lace for now :slight_smile:

When you do row one, you wrap the yarn twice around the needle on the double YO, and finish the row.

On row 2, let one strand of the yo slip off your left tip and only use the one that’s left for the next stitch. This just gives you a bigger hole in the finished product.

Thank you! I must have missed something the first couple times I tried to do this…works now!