drop wfwd

Hi can any body help me with this, I am knitting from Patons 4937 pattern, row two, tells me on pattern stitches (k1 yfwd) 3 times then on row three it says (k1 drop yfwd ) of previous row, am I right in thinking i have i just drop that off the needle so what was the reason of yfwd.

Welcome to KH!
It may be that the idea is to put more yarn into the stitches on either side of the yfwd.
Maybe the pattern needls an elongated stitch here or just more space for increases or a pattern stitch.

thanks for taking the time to find the pattern to see what i was meaning the stitches in that section when the rows are completed looks like a bobble (in fact the pattern looks good ) you could be right it may be to add more dimension for the bobble. i haven’t come across that Technic before. thanks again