Drop stitches as you work?

Is there a way to work dropped stitches into a pattern instead of doing the dropping at the bind-off?

Could you give a little more detail of what you have in mind? Are you talking about purposely dropped stitches or accidents? What are you wanting to make?

yes purposely dropped stitches, i like the look of them, but it seems a waste to do all that knitting only to unravel it when i am done, i don’t mind when the dropping is done in such a way that you aren’t dropping an entire column of stitches but in garments that have it the whole way down that isn’t possible, though maybe i could just rig up a comb or grate with the right width and use that to make the dropped spacing.

The way you get dropped sts for just a few rows, is to make a YO between 2 sts somewhere, then after 6 or 8 row, drop that st and let it fall to the YO. You can do one every 10-12 sts or so, then when you’ve dropped all of them on a row, make another yo between the ones you just dropped. I’ve seen some patterns that have that effect, but don’t know the names of them to link for you.

I found a scarf with this technique - http://www.breihemel.nl/files/drop_stitch_scarf.pdf and there’s the Drop-stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits, another Ladder Tank http://www.bluealvarez.com/bluealva/patterns/laddertank.html And a few more in various magazines and books.