Drop stitch marker raglan sweater

Im knitting a raglan sweater but i dropped my beginning of round marker and didn’t notice it.:sob:
I seperated for the sleeve in the beg. of round so i was hoping it would be able to tell!
Do u know if i placed it correctly?

When this happens to me as it frequently does :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I notice how the tips align as I’m knitting. When the right one is is higher than the left one I know that’s the first stitch of the round. I might have that backwards. Still, when the alignment of the tips changes you’re at the beginning of the round with that stitch. I’m knitting flat or I’d double check to see which is correct.

That’s a good idea, GG.
It looks to me like the marker could be moved over 2 sts (see blue mark). It may not make a big difference depending on your pattern. What is the name of your pattern?

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