Drop stitch in continental knitting

I can’t seem to find this in the video section. Of course I could be just caffeine deprived!
I understand the drop stitch, wrap 4 times instead of one when doing a knit stitch. But I can’t seem to figure out how to “wrap” 4 times since I continent knit without feeling like houdini.
Any suggestions?

aka Kath

The video is on this page, called elongated st. Amy does it continentally. :thumbsup:

Aww I love you!!! Thank you so much! This forum has come through for me every time! And I do mean EVERY time. I have only been knitting a year now and I don’t post much because honestly you guys amaze me! lol But thank you for all your help, even with the silliest questions!
Happy “whatever it is you celebrate or not” eve!


Ive only been knitting a year, now, too! Happy knitiversary to US!! POST MORE!

LOL I must figure out how to knit, and type at the same time. You guys seem to have it down to a science! You knit entire items in ONE DAY. faints
I actually knit an entire bowtie scarf in one day this week rushing for a gift heh pats self on back. Takes me 2 or more days to do one dishcloth for goodness sake! laugh Ok so I stop ALOT and get bored easily giggle