Drop stitch honey comb

I’m​ fairly new to knitting and taught myself through YouTube. Everything has been great considering the many many different videos on all things knitting. I found a pattern I liked from the Second Treasury of Knitting. I can’t find a video that can accurately explain how to pick up the stitches (as per the pattern) after you drop them. Dropping them Is the easy part after all. A detailed explanation of how to go about this would be awesome. If there’s a video or pictures that would be great. I’m more of a visual learner I suppose and just reading patterns alone isn’t always enough.

I will see if I can figure it out after class tomorrow. If I can, I will see if I can take video and post it to YouTube for you.


Sorry it took so long to get back. I think I have it figured out. BUT I don’t have the proper equipment to video a demonstration. I’ll see what I can find in the morning and get a video made before the weekend is over. Also, I need a different pair of needles…honey brown yarn doesn’t show up well on metallic yellow needles.

It looks pretty good so far. I do think it should have some sort of border on the sides to prevent it from curling. Essentially this is reverse stockinette.

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@Metylda, many thanks for working this out and for making a video which will be very helpful.
I wonder if it would be easier to put the needle through the stitch several rows below first and then ladder down? This video shows the coin or blister check stitch which is essentially the other side of the dropped stitch honeycomb. See 3:50 time point.


Thank you for finding this! That is how I worked the stitch. Since the instructions Gina shared have the dropped stitch on the purl side, I was putting the right needle in from the back to secure it before unraveling the rows above. All the ladder threads get purled along with the stitch. The instructions also said to unravel 5 rows so I ended up with the stitch plus 5 ladders purled together.

Sounds good! Thanks very much for your hands on experience.

I’m debating whether I should still make a video to show this stitch from the purl side.