Drop spindle

I’m thinking of getting a drop spindle, I dont know whether to get a top or bottom whorl. Whats the difference, is one easier to use?
What weight is a good weight for beginners, also if any one knows a
good place to order from or a place that sells learn to spin kits.

i dunno…i wanna know

I have a top whorl (two actually) and I love using them. I started with a basic inch-worm method and have finally progressed to actually being able to ‘drop’ the spindle. I haven’t tried the bottom whorl kind, but I believe I’ve been told that the top whorl are easier to begin on. HTH!

I started with a bottom whorl spindle and have quite a few of each. I don’t see any signicant difference spinning from either.

More importantly than a top/bottom is the weight of the spindle. Don’t try spinning thin yarn with a heavy spindle (the yarn will break under the weight) and don’t try spinning a thick yarn with a light spindle (you won’t be able to get a long spin)