Drop shoulder sleeves help

Hi friends,

This is a pattern question I think. I’m knitting my first jumper, it’s a drop shoulder pattern so I thought the sleeve tops would be straight but the pattern says

" Cast of 13 sts at beg of next 6 rows. Cast off remaining sts"

So this will make the sleeve top angled. Is this usual?

Also i like to make life difficult by trying to find the most streamlined technique which may differ from instructions. If I wanted to bind off at beginning and end of rows (rather than beg of each row) for symmetry. Would I bind off 13 sts at the beginning and end of each row over 3 rows? or bind off less stitches each row to do the process over 6 rows? Does this question make sense?

Any leads, ideas would be appreciated. This is such a great forum!


Hi Hosana, I don’t think it would make much difference which way you do the decreasing apart from the fact it would change the overall length of the top of the sleeve (the part where you sew it into the body). It might make it a little shorter so that you will have to stretch it slightly to sew it in. Even if you follow the instructions, by the time it is sewn in it should still look symmetrical.

You could try binding off less stitches over the same amount of rows, this should work.

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Ok thank you! I’ll try less stitches over the same amount of rows :slight_smile: