Drop pattern confusion

I have 144 stitches on my needle, I need to reduce down to 96 stitches by doing diagram A1 which is basically YO sl1 as if to purl, p2tog, but I’ll end up with the same amount of stitches :woman_shrugging::face_with_raised_eyebrow: am I being dense, pictures of pattern included, many thanks

Chart A.1 doesn’t decrease stitches. It’s a variation on Fisherman’s rib called English rib.
What is the name or number of your pattern?

That’s what I though but it says after doing diagram A1 I should have 96 stitches on my needle before I start the A1a diagram that’s why I’m so confused

My attempt to help is a drive by link.



More attempted help. I think I see the solution but I’m not sure so won’t muddle it more. I’ll leave this for someone else, probably salmonmac.


This is where I got the pattern from, I’ve read the comments and it sounds like everyone too is as confused as me lol she hasn’t really made it clear how we go from 144 to 96 when everytime you decrease you are also increasing :woman_shrugging: I might just do it at face value and see what it looks like xx

Thanks for the link, GG.

Don’t count the yo, slip stitch as 2 sts. Count that as one stitch. It’ll be worked together in the next row. This is like brioche.
There will be 48 yo, slip one. 144-48=96


Oh that makes sense :woman_facepalming: thank you so much xx

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Thank you! I thought that was the answer but decided not to risk it and be wrong or explain poorly. See? You taught me some good stuff!

So thanks to you guys I’ve figured out diagram A1 but struggling with diagram A1a, this pattern is really stressing me out :disappointed_relieved: as salmonmac mentioned its basically a english rib stitch am I best using this stitch instead (picture below) of trying to follow what’s on the pattern as it just ends up a mess of stitches that look nothing like it should :woman_shrugging:

If the video is easier to follow, then by all means use it. There is often nice support for stitches on the Drops site and this is such a case.
The idea of A.1a is that you knit the yo and the stitch together and then create a new yo, slip stitch.
Go with the video and enjoy it!

That’s what I did and just ended up with a mass of stitches lol xx

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Is it because you’re using circular needles and the sts are sitting on the cable? To me, stitches in patterns like this and in tubular cast ons always look a mess on the cable. Usually they straighten out and behave once they are queued up onto the needle.

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No I can do diagram A1 no problem and the first line of diagram A1a but when I get to the second line I just end up with YO before and after the stitches so end up with a mass of YO the way, its explained doesn’t match what their saying to do, getting really frustrated and had to undo all I’ve done so far as its ruining my yarn :worried: xx

Usually the problem is that the slip stitch and the yo keep sliding past each other. In this case, it’s ok since they’ll be knit together on the next row anyway. That said, this is supposed to be fun and relaxing not frustrating.
If it were just the rib at the bottom and top of the pants, I’d say, change it. Work 1x1 knit purl rib and be done with it. But…
it looks like the body of the pants are knit with a similar stitch.

What about a different pattern also for DK or sport weight?

or one of these?

Thank you I’ll have a look at the patterns you’ve sent :smile: I’ve translated and read the comments and I think everyone is having the same issues, and even after they’ve explained it still isnt clear, so I’m glad I’m not the only one lol thank you again for the patterns and support xx

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Here’s a link to a pattern I’ve made and enjoyed–works well for baby too. I don’t recall any problems with it, pretty straightforward!

Not free, but very reasonable.

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If drops does not have a written version of the chart take the time to write it out. It is not an easy stitch to decipher and I am english by birth lol but persevere it is a beautiful stitch. I practised the stitch originally by making a cup cozy then went back to the hat I was attempting to make. Good Luck

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And this is when gg showed her greater wisdom. I would have just “jumped” in and been wrong.
Guess I keep earning my nickname.


Thank you. You’re too kind.