Drop one

Hi, I have just got a new pattern and one of the instructions says drop one followed by yarn forward. Does this mean that I just pass the stitch over without doing anything to it or something else?
Would be grateful for help with this. thanks

Usually, drop one means to let the st slid off the needles and let that column of sts undo itself in order to produce a ladder or run. Do you have a link to the pattern? or does that make sense with the picture of the project?

The only one I can think of is what I’ve heard referred to as a dropped garter stitch. This is when you do a yarn over, wrapping the yarn around the needle two or three times. On the following row, you’d drop the extra loops and just knit through the one elongated one. Check your pattern in the row before this and see if you have any yo’s. Does it look anything like this?

The Clapotis uses drop sts where you drop the whole column of stitches down to a YO which added that column; Sunday Market shawl is another. The ‘drop’ sts you describe are really elongated ones.