Drop Design pattern verbiage???

I am a fairly new knitter.

I am making a vest. https://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=4370&cid=19

I am trying to start the left front and my brain hurts.

What does "includes 1 edge st at the side and 5 front band sts towards mid front) mean? I know the edge stitch but the other? Do I start that on row one?

Does LEFT mean looking at the garment or when I am wearing it?

The next part of the pattern doesn’t make sense either, but I think taking it in small bits is my best bet.

I DID finish the back? So I am about half way there!! Yeah me?

Drops patterns are usually translated and can be confusing. I tend to avoid them. lol

When you make the front pieces they are done separately so the band stitches are for the button band. They are just knit as you go rather than separately. Left means your left as you wear it.

Thank you for the reply.

So basically I am doing the same things, with the 4 row pattern. The 5 stitches are always stockinette.

If the 1st row is WS, so the edge is first and the last 5 is the band, correct?

I think so…I’ve honestly never knit a sweater in pieces only top down. I’ll tag someone to make sure.


Yes, i agree with Jan, row 1 is ws. You"ll slip one at the beginning of row 2. Of course the first 5 rows are garter but when you start the pattern stitch on row 6, slip stitch one and keep the last 5 sts garter.