Drool time!

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New Nicky Epstein book–knitting BEYOND the edge! insert ethereal music here Not available until OCTOBER though!!! :mad:

Oh, baby…gotta have it to go along with the others :wink:


Rats. We could use that NOW for the KAL! :thumbsup:

But she has two OTHER book that I suggested for the KAL!

I’ll just have to remember to add that to my resource list for the sweater we start in October!

Good Grief !!! I just got my NE flower book last week … now another one to WAIT for :slight_smile:

nicky Epstein is a writin fool!!! She has so many books out now. Look out Debbie Bliss!

I Have her other two books on waitlist at the library they are checked out right now… and I have her flower book preordered through Amazon I haven’t seen any of her books in person yet… are they usually good?

edited to say that amazon just shipped that book :happydance:

Why, God? WHY!!! :shock:

The flower book was supposed to be out LAST October and was just released a week or so ago (April) … I sure hope this one is ON TIME!!! The flower book was VERY MUCH worth the wait.