Droid X

I visited the Verizon store this week and tried the new DROID X phone. I logged onto both Ravelry and Knitting Help…and the phone works with both sites. Yay! I was able to respond to messages, type posts, etc. My current phone (the Samsung Saga) only works with Ravelry, not KH.

I’ll be upgrading to the DROID X soon! (but what an awful name, :ick: blech! too close to the word ‘roids’! what genius came up with the name “droid”?)

I think it’s a derivative of “android” :slight_smile:

I have a Droid Eris, and I really don’t like it. Too many problems. It acts just like my PC! I’ve heard the newer Android phones are better, though. I am not thrilled with the idea of being stuck with this phone for 2 years.

I’ve put the Droid X in my shopping cart twice now, and just can’t bring myself to the “check out”! I’ve read good things about it, but you MUST purchase an extra battery for it, cuz it drinks up the juice like mad! If you are away from a power source, you’ll have a dead phone on your hands. There is an extended battery in ‘accessories’ that wasn’t there on Monday…so I’m guessing Verizon and Motorola will be making more improvements as time passes. That’s kinda what I’m waiting to see. Also, the Flash 10 hasn’t been released for it either.

I have an X and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The battery is actually pretty good. If you get a free task killer it helps with the battery life. Most smart phones eat battery, but the X is actually one of the better smartphones for battery.

I do sooooo much on this phone. There are some nice knitting apps for Droid too.

To be honest, ALL smartphones are going to drain batteries like crazy. My partner and I ordered extra batteries for our Droids and we also got docking stations that charge the phone and battery at the same time. We ordered from Amazon and saved a ton of $$$ (if you want I can look up what we ordered…)

I recently read an article about smartphones and battery usage and it really made sense… basically, they inproved phones to do amazing things, but they didn’t improve batteries, so you have to change your charging schedule. I also ordered some extra USB cords and universal USB chargers from another company (also WAY WAY WAY cheaper than Verizon etc) and I plug my phone in every chance I get.

I used to run out of battery by mid-day, but now that I know what I “need” to have running and kill things that aren’t going to be used, I only have to charge it overnight. Not quite as cool as only charging my LG phone every 4 days, but I get a LOT more use out of my Droid!!!

Hope that helps :o)

(BTW my extra battery has only been used one since I got it… )

Based upon your feedback, letah75 & etoilechaude, I just submitted my order for the new Droid X! [B]Thanks so much for your help![/B]

I’m very excited to get my hands on a smartphone that will work with [B][I]both KH and Ravelry. [/I][/B] They are the only two knitting forums that I participate in, or even look at, for that matter! I think the Droid X will even work[B] more efficiently[/B] with Ravelry than my current smartphone (the Samsung Saga). And up til Droid X, my Samsung Saga doesn’t cooperate with KH at all. I’m dead in the water.

I did purchase an “extended battery”, so I will have two. I purchased two additional wall chargers for pure convenience, and of course, a car charger. Thanks Evan, for the heads up about saving money on accessories for the Droid X on Amazon. I’ll take a look over there for additional accessories. I got what I considered the bare minimum when I ordered the phone.

I’m hoping that websites like Flickr will be displayed more accurately, too! At the moment, I don’t have a Facebook page. Had to tank it due to hacking issues. But I hope to re-enter the Facebook World sometime in the future. I have A LOT of family on Facebook, and at the moment, they are using Facebook to have [B]drama[/B], and I certainly don’t miss or need drama. Had enough of it just raisin’ my own 5 kids.

One of my daughters (who also tanked her Facebook page last year) said: [B] “Facebook reminds me of a huge social event where everyone has stayed too long and drank too much alcohol.” [/B]

Kind of humorous, but kinda true. :pout:

Totally off topic but I just spent a few minutes trying to get the little “bug” off my screen! Awesome!!!:oops:

I think the iPhone is better than the Droid.

Hahaha, just kidding. Both phones are pretty cool.

as in Industrial Light and Magic the special effects company created by George Lucas and based at Skywalker Ranch. He made Luke Skywalker a space hero and most of us know his two ‘droid’ companions C-3PO and R2-D2. :wink:

Feel the power of the force.

Come to the dark side, we have cookies.[/COLOR]

Oh that’s a great refresher! Who could forget C-3PO and R2-D2!?

I feel better about saying “I have a :pout: Droid”!

And at least it’s not [I]just[/I] “Droid”…it’s [I][B]“Droid X”[/B]! [/I]

I’ll have a cookie now! Where are they? :happydance:

Hi Artlady,

I have a DROID and I haven’t had any problems with it. I only have to charge it overnight. I hope that you will enjoy your new phone.

Oh thanks Dreamsherl! My phone isn’t due to be shipped until Aug 31! I can hardly wait. I’m so tired of my current smartphone, the Samsung Saga. It has served the purpose, but I need to move on!

I ordered an extra battery, because I end up in the mountains where electric outlets are not always available to me…just when my husband has the big generator running to charge the marine batteries on the trailer. He hates to run the generator unless absolutely necessary. It disturbs ‘the peace’ up there! So I always quickly get plugged in when the generator is up and runnin’!

I can plug into his truck’s cigarette lighter thing, but sometimes he takes his truck over to the other side of the mountain, to work on his log house. He uses the truck with triple pulleys and such, to haul his trees and logs around. Etc.

So, there I am, back at base camp, with 4 dogs, and a dead phone. Not a pretty picture.
I hate being phoneless, besides the fact that it’s dangerous in cougar/bear country.
I absolutely need to be able to contact John, so I can’t drain my battery for ‘fun stuff’, such as KH and Ravelry!

The extra ‘extended’ battery should serve me well for ‘off the grid’ trips to the high mountains!

I almost bought 2 extras! :teehee: I still might!

I’ll probably end up with an iPhone eventually since I’m used to the iTouch. I can see where an extra battery would be very handy in some situations. :thumbsup:

I have discovered a never ending supply of cookies. I have a special device that collects them for me…

It is called a browser and the are received from most Internet servers. :wink:

But I think there are virtual cookies in the lounge. Well there should be some there. :slight_smile:

About the extra phone battery: If your John is handy with wire and solder and electronic components I could show him plans to make a small, portable solar panel from “seconds” found on the Net. Well if I could find the site again. (wanders off searching and mumbling to self). :think: :??

I have a BlackBerry Storm. I know it works fine on knittinghelp, but I don’t think I’ve ever tested it on Ravelry.

It’s pretty good about its battery, too. If I’m not using it a ton it’ll actually last a couple days without charging. Mind you, I’m VERY careful to shut down any programs I’m not currently using.

I have Skype on it, and that’s almost always on. I find that the three things that REALLY kill the battery (which I use) are the camera, msn messenger, and actually being ON the phone for much more than a few minutes. Of course, I rarely talk on the phone, but when I do I’ll be on for an hour or more with the person.

So yeah, I’ve been pretty happy with it. From what I hear, though, you shouldn’t get a blackberry with the little ball-mouse thing. The ball tends to get junk under it and just generally screws up easily.

The iPhone doesn’t have swappable batteries. ;( But fortunately its battery life is pretty decent. I can go a few days without charging under normal use.

I meant that for Dollyce, but I’d never thought about the fact that I can’t change batteries in my iPod or the iPhone. I think if I were in Dollyce’s situation with an iPod or iPhone I’d get a battery jacket. Something like this -

Well, there goes my idea of simply getting a deep-cycle marine battery and soldering up a control circuit for a plug-in DC adapter to recharge a phone and an AC adapter for recharging a laptop. :sad:

I think maybe the marine battery might be a little heavy to carry around in my purse. I think maybe the battery jacket might be easier. :roflhard: