Driving from NYC to Ft. Lauderdale, Savannah!

Ok, happy holidays! Finally made the decision to DRIVE to Ft. lauderdale from new york WITH TWO CATS ha ha. Going to spend nights in Richmond and Savannah. I’m excited to be seeing Savannah for the first time and considering New Year’s Eve there.
Anybody? Any tips for any special places along the way… yarn shops, southern food… ? Anyhoo, wish me luck esp the little cat who might not like this whole thing.

Wow! Long trip!!!

I’m assuming you’re going to be driving down 95 pretty much the entire way?

There’s a nice yarn store in Jacksonville. It’s called Knitwitz. I’ve shopped there a couple of times when my daughter had soccer in Jacksonville.

I don’t personally know of any other yarn stores along your route, but I did used to live in Coral Springs, which is right by Ft. Lauderdale, so if you have any questions about directions once you get there, let me know!

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Savannah! I grew up in Georgia and DH and I honeymooned there!

There are 3 restaurants that pop in my mind immediately:

Mrs. Wilkes - This place is only open for lunch
Lady & Sons (Paula Deen’s place!)
The Crab Shack - Easily the best crab legs EVER!

There are several different tour bus / trolley thingys that go throughout the city. They offer interesting history and on some of them you can get on and off the trolley to wander around and then get back on later.

There are also TONS of unique shops, antique stores, etc. And be sure to go down to the river and walk around. And you HAVE to eat some pralines from any of the candy shops. They. Are. Out. Of. This. World. :inlove:

We stayed at The Westin when we went. Booked it through priceline.com and it was very affordable.

I have not been to any of the yarn shops, but here is one that I did find:

Wild Fibre Yarn Shop

Enjoy your trip and be safe!!

I don’t know what your time constraints are, but Williamsburg is a wonderful place to be around Christmas. There’s a nice yarn shop in a shopping center in Williamsburg - I think it is called Two Sisters.

Have a safe trip!

Wow!!! Did NYC get “icy rain/slush” today??? Drive Safe and most of all good luck with the felines:hug: Oh and I hope you’re not driving and blogging:teehee:


I live in Savannah and after being here three years, definately take a tour to get a general overview. Broughton Street and River Street have lots of shops to investigate.

I would not recommend the crab shack. I thought the crab legs were saturated with water and not tasty. If you are a big Paula Deen fan, then go to her restaurant but be prepared for a long wait. There are tons of nice restaurants on Broughton, including Il Pasticcio for a lovely, elegant dinner. For lunch, I might choose something simple like Saigon for Thai and Vietnamese. There is another Thai place that is good but I don’t remember the name.

The SIx Pence is a friendly English style pub with a really great Shepherd’s pie. that is on Liberty and Bull.

There is a nice place for lunch in Market Square and I don’t remember the name but it has a statue of Marilyn Monroe in front and has great specialty pizzas.

You simply must visit Leopold’s on Broughton St for handmade ice cream! It is a Savannah institution. Also, the Savannah Tea Room on Broughton is a good place for lunch but they have fine loose leaf teas.

Wild Fibre is a very small and nice yarn shop on Liberty st.

Savannah has a nice Art Museum called the Jepson.

If you want good crab legs, take a detour to a place called Snack Jack’s in Flagler Beach, FL. If you are on I95, take FL 100 east to US1 (A1A) and go south for a few miles. It is right on the beach.

You also might want to stop in St Augustine, FL for a couple hrs.

Oh, Heck! If you want to know more, just PM me!


Before I forget, FT Lauderdale has a culinary school for a nice place to eat for not much $$.


Foley House Inn is owned by my friend, Grant Rodgers who is from NY. Don’t know their availablility for your dates but you might want to check.


The Pink House and Elizabeth’s on 37th are also two very elegant restuarants.


[COLOR=Red][SIZE=3]Thanks Nathalie… gulp, yes it is a lonnnnnnng way, I haven’t replied for a day or so coz I think I’m freaking out but my M-i-L started CRYING when we said we weren’t coming and I just can’t leave my best friend (my cat) behind for so long sooo we are doing something we haven’t done in a long time: an extended ha car trip.[/SIZE][/COLOR] And you HAVE to eat some pralines from any of the candy shops. They. Are. Out. Of. This. World. :inlove:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]Ohhhh I love that one! THANKS jj!

I’d love to see Williamsburg but with cats in the car we are going to try to make the best time we can. Except on the way back I’d like to spend 2 nights in Savannah (I think).

Bambi! I have a cousin Bambi can you believe it? There are not too many Bambi’s around that’s for sure. Did I mention we are staying at the Foley Inn?
No, I just check my message! How weird! It looks just lovely and the person who answered the phone was too. We have one night booked & I’m considering spending new year’s eve there (they only have one room left). Thanks for the restaurant tips Bambi, I love elegant! I also want to eat at Mrs. Wilkes, sounds incredible. I’ve had enough of Paula Dean for a while ya’ll. It’s VERY hard to set out on this trip, I used to go to Spain, Italy Paris London Mexico all the time, often alone, but once you get out of the habit of traveling it’s intimidating. Haven’t taken a major trip for 10 years except Quebec. Enough already!
THANKS FOR THE TIPS, will do the same if you are up this way… :heart:

I can’t believe you are staying at Foley House! What an awesome coincidence! I hope you have a great time here.

I also can’t believe you have a cousin Bambi, too. Small world.