Dress up the remote controls

This is what I have done to my remote controls:-


Ribbon Shrug
Throw for Sofa

Plan to work On:
Shoe Rug
Toilet Rug x 2
Kitchen Rug

3 Male Scarves
1 Kid Poncho
1 Female Shawl
1 Cushion Cover

Too many things to do but too little time…

:waah: :waah: [/quote]

that’s pretty cool :happydance:

When I saw the first picture I thought that I wouldn’t want to have to take it out to change the channel. THEN I saw the second pic. Very clever!!! :happydance:


That’s what I thought too. That is so cool. What do you use for the see-through part, and how do you did you put it together?

i used organza to sew the two pieces together… I wanted to machine it rather to sew, just to lazy to set-up the sewing machine!!!

My husband’s favourite coffee table is a see through glass table, so i have decided to knit for the remote controls inorder not to scratch the table… :roflhard:

What a good idea :cheering: Love it :cheering:

These are the funniest things I have seen for a long time but they are very usefull :roflhard:

Love it well done!!!


:hug: Sharonxxx