Dress Pattern

In the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits issue on page 113 is an ad for Soak fabric wash. That little yellow dress in the picture is so cute, I wish I could knit it. Has anyone seen this ad, or got a lead on that pattern?

Here is a picture of the dress I’m hoping to find a pattern for:

I found it!! Are you on Ravelry? There is some information in the comments section.

Apparently the pattern was free with the purchase of a specific yarn. The ad came out early so it’s not widely available yet.

Here’s the soak add with links to the site.

They apparently have them here, but you have to call as they don’t have online ordering.

OH! You can get it here, too.

Thank you so much Jan. I guess I’ll have to order up that yarn and the pattern and see how it goes. Seems like it’s very popular over on Ravelry.

PS: I ordered a kit. I’m very excited to get it and make this. Now I’ll have 5 projects in process at once. eeek. Knitting ADD