Dress and Hat for DD FINALLY

I am finally done knitting this dress and hat for my DD. It took me months and was beyond my abilities. It’s not perfect but I am very proud of it and most importantly so is she ;)…

That is so adorable! :heart: Definitely NOT beyond your abilities! :slight_smile:

That’s adorable and so is she!!

:thud: Wow! That is amazing! She looks very happy with her new outfit. You should be very proud of both of your creations!

Your daughter is so adorable! The dress and hat are wonderful, well done!

Oh, that is just precious, and so is she! Lovely work.

Definitely NOT beyond your abilities. It looks wonderful, and your dd is precious. Keep knitting!!

Very nice and unique looking . I love it :slight_smile:

Incredibly sweet!!! WOW!!

Looks fabulous!!!

This is SO cute! I showed my little daycare girls and they said “I want that!” hee hee

Oh the dress is sooooo CUTE!!! Your daughter looks like she just loves the dress!!

Adorable daughter in adorable dress-hat :cheering:

Thanks you guys. I should have posted that it is a very adapted version of a pattern in a 1997 Family Circle Knitting Magazine.

How cute!

What a lovely set!

Your daughter is adorable!

You daughter has MUCH to be proud of, that is just AMAZING!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Where did you come up with such a whimsical pattern?

You did a very good job for beyond your ability. :slight_smile: it’s always fun to push the limits of our skills

Aw, it’s so cute and your daughter is adorable! :slight_smile:

How did I miss this? :inlove: She is too cute and so is the dress and hat! Great job :yay: