Dreambaby Lace Spots Blanket

This is a Plymouth Yarn Company pattern
Dreambaby Lace Spots Blanket. What
I am wondering is in the Stitch Graph
for rows 1, 3, 5,7 and 9 the first stitch
is blank. What does that mean

Symbol Key

  • knit
    o yarn over
    then a mark for k2tog
    and another for sl, kl, psso

Please help

Is there anything in your key for purl? Could be that.

I agree with Lizars.
Is it just the first stitch on the rows you indicated that is a blank or does the blank occur other places?

That is the only place in the graph that has the blank.
Purl stitches are done only only on the wrong side.

the graph shows rows 1 through 9 and with the first
stitch being blank and then the the first of the next
9 has a number 1 on the first box but I believe I
understand what the number 1 means. Can a
attached a copy of the graph so you might be able
to see it. I cannot make the marks. It is possible
that you could look at the pattern.
Plymouth Yarn, Dreambaby Lace Spots Blanket

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Sure, attach the graph or even just rows 1-12 if you can. Read through the beginning notes if there are any and make sure there’s no reference to those initial sts or to blank squares.

ETA: I was puzzled by this question and so I wrote to Plymouth who took the problem in hand. Here is the answer:

“We re-did an old pattern from 1996 and after studying the graph, I understand the confusion.
Please overlook the blank squares. If you see up above that on rows 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19 there is an extra square to put in the first digit. Apparently back when they wrote graphs they didn’t have the capability to insert a 2 digit # into one square…”

Thank you, that just was a did.