Dream Swatch KAL

A bunch of us who went to Fiber Fest are knitting the Dream Swatch, so I thought I’d make a KAL since we’re all making modifications and such. :teehee:

I’m using my KH-colored yarn.

So far, I’ve cast on 18 stitches, and I’m wrapping the yarn 5 times instead of 3 for the elongated stitches. The first couple look like poo, so that might change.


I’m in!!!


This might be just the thing for that lone ball of blue alpaca that was returned to me due to issues in another yarn swap.

I like this. :heart:

I am totally in. I am also going to use my “KH” yarn. I think. I am frogging today and starting over.

I’m mostly though mine, but can I join anyway? :slight_smile: I’m enjoying it - using noro Daria Multi - it’s so pretty :slight_smile:

Definitely needs blocking though.

I can’t get the link to work :pout: I want to know what a dream swatch is.

There seems to be a problem with the website. I would contact knit and tonic about it. :shrug: It was working earlier.

It’s a free pdf download, so if someone has downloaded it, maybe they could email it to you? I only have a print out right now.

It seems to be working now, but I can send you a PDF of the pattern if you PM me your email address. I had downloaded this ages ago to make and forgotten about… :rofl: I only found it because of Angelia posting it again!

ETA: Six Apart, the company that owns both TypePad and LiveJournal, had a major crash at their data center today. Knit & Tonic is a TypePad blog, which is why the pattern link wasn’t working. TypePad is back up, so you should be able to download the pattern yourself. :hug:

Thanks everyone, it is working now! That is tons of fun, and I may have just the yarn to make it. I can’t get started quite yet, but I’m in!

I’m in, but I’m using my KH yarn for socks. I’m using that pretty bamboo from Fishbed! :inlove:

I’ve got about 6 pattern repeats done from last night, and I love it! I’m just doing it exactly as-written, though. :shrug:

[COLOR=Silver]What IS up with the smileys? :??[/COLOR]

I’ve decided to go with four wraps instead of 5, but I’m too lazy to frog. I think that casting on 18 stitches instead of the 24 gives me the width I want, so I won’t frog unless I decide (again) that I want it skinnier. :teehee: I’ve got about 4 repeats done, 2 are with the 5 wraps, 2 with the 4. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

I’ve got various yarns around that would be great for this, I think I need to go wander and hunt through my stash…

I started mine last night and I’m loving it so far. I only got through two repeats though, I was tired! I used US 5s and did 24 stitches, the width was good for me. I’ll try to post progress pics tonight after I get some more knitting time in over lunch! :cheering:

I’m gonna tell, I’, gonna tell, neener neener haha.:teehee:

I just kidding, I won’t tell. you can trust me. :shifty:

I am in. I am knitting this with some yarn someone gave me. I am only doing 18 stitches too. but, since I had to frog the other day, then I got Harry Potter, I haven’t started back, so I don’t know how many wraps i will do. :shrug: Wonder if I could finish this in time to wear to my frind’s daughters wedding on Saturday :??

Stine-I’m turning you in to the knitting police! (Is that Andrea?)

I went with 4 wraps also. Will take a pic later.

If I do 5 wraps on the last two repeats, then it’s a design feature, so neener, neener, poo-poo head!


Oh - I bought some noro lily just for this! Or maybe I’ll use that one lonely skein of bamboo? What do you think it’s look like in a solid color?

Can’t wait to get started!

:??Or should I finish one of my other 10 projects first?

Start! I think it’ll look pretty in a solid, but I like the mottled look, too, so it’s up to you.

Or you could make two! :teehee:

OK. I takes it back.:verysad: