Dream Knitting book, need advice

I’ve just found found my dream Knitting book, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Has any got this? Can you tell if it’s any good. I love all the patterns I’ve seen in there but are they easy to follow or hard?


What are other people’s dream books. I.e the 1 book that they would want above ANY other?

Any views on the book grateful, thanks x

I have that book, and have knit 2 or 3 things out of it. It is perfect for doing something w/ a skein of yarn… I made something for DD, & DGD out of some expensive wool and it made it special due to the yarn. I enjoyed it…

Also good for quick gifts.

i love that book! they have a good variety of patterns and it’s organized by yarn weights. love love love it!

I started to post how I just picked this one up at the library, but then I noticed its One Skein Wonders - and I got Oneskein - oops! I’m of no help - but Oneskein is very good, with a quick look. Lots of things I’d like to make, and what appear to be clear instructions. And lots of inspiring pictures.
Sorry I couldn’t help with the other though!

I have that book too and I love it. There are so many easy and fast things to make in it. I have made about 6 or 7 things from it and there are a couple more that I want to do. If you ever need aquick gift, it is a great resource.

I think it would be perfect for me because I have lots of odd balls, when I see a ball of yarn I like I’ll get 1 to see how it knits up, because of that and a friendly neighbor I have odd balls that I don’t want to go to waste.

I have it and have knit a few things from it. It has a LOT to offer…hats, bags, baby sweaters, etc. It’s the best “one skein” book that I’ve seen yet. :cheering:

Hi! I like my copy a lot. I did the beaded bag minus the beads, and the directions etc. were clear. There are a few things in there I’ve put on my list to make. There’s a top down shrug that is next. Lots of patterns that are a bit different from the ones I have already, and I have a ton of patterns, and the organization of the book is good. Hope this helps! samm

It’s definably on my to buy list, I’ll end up getting it next year. Things are a bit tight at the moment with the car failing it’s MOT. Bloody things!

Thanks for the reviews though, they helped me make up my mind.