Draw string?

Hi all, I’m making a dog sweater for a friend. Problem is she is in NV. I’m in MO.

The pattern calls for me to put the sweater on the dog and ad elastic to the neck. I can’t do that because I don’t want it to be to big or small. She doesn’t want to try to sew it in afterwards.

So can I add a draw string somehow?

I know it sounds nuts, and it probably is a bad idea. Any suggestions?

Can your friend measure around the dog’s neck with a tape measure? I’d take that number and add 1.5" to the elastic, then overlat just 1/2".


It’s probably much better to use the elastic; a drawstring could easily get caught on something and choke the dog.

I agree, the drawstring could risk strangling the dog.
Just to throw in an idea. :think: Could you maybe sew a length of elastic to some tie ends. thread through the neck. it would be an adjustable elastic drawstring. :??