Dragon skin

Making a baby blanket for a fellow MMO’er having his 4th baby. Want to use the dragon skin pattern from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns; however, I don’t want the big straight ribs down the center of the scales. Just want scales.

Trying to figure it out just by reading the text is hurting my brain. I’m too tired for that tonight and I really don’t want to experiment with the pattern for the next couple of hours. I can do that later.

So, just wondering if anyone has or has seen this pattern without the silly rib down the middle. No idea why it’s there it totally ruins the vision of dragon skin. I’ve been googling pics and not finding it.

Yes, I’m feeling lazy. I’ve started and frogged this baby blanket (in various patterns) for four days now. I think dragon skin is the most appropriate for a future gamer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all, as always :slight_smile:

You could omit the sts that make up the rib. I have a copy of the stitch pattern, it’ll take me a while to find it, and maybe I can figure it out.

This was such a curiously named pattern I couldn’t help looking for a picture. The rib which does break up the pattern, is part of a double decrease so you still need to accommodate those decreases but this link shows one way around the striking rib. It should be very effective in a baby blanket and fun to do.

Thank you :slight_smile: Gonna chart it out this afternoon and see if I can get rid of it. Had in mind to [I]maybe[/I] make white blue and pink scales. Something different.

Oh that rib. You could add one more stitch to the repeat, then do ssk/k2tog (or k2tog/ssk, whichever order looks better) instead of the double decrease. That would be flatter.

Ooh, thank you, just sat down to start charting it out… 'cept I have kid agro :stuck_out_tongue: Guess it’ll wait till tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of two colors (or a couple of tones of a color) for a blanket version. Did you see the charts for both versions (with and without the strong center rib)?

Amazing how side tracked I can get by one pattern or another. I swear I have 10 projects going at the moment and not making progress on a one. I finally found a chart for this here http://belfryknits.blogspot.com/ and think it’ll be less painful to work from it. Note there’s errata for her chart. Going to bang that out tomorrow and start testing. I just think that ridge is incredibly distracting the pattern from looking like actual scales. crosses fingers