Drafting well?


How does one draft well? I discovered that if I predraft a roving I have much better success in getting uniform thickness of the single. I did notice, however, that even though I took care to try to draft evenly, there were still lots of spots that I had to re-draft while spinning. I even held the fiber in the air as I drafted to take advantage of light coming from behind to see areas that were less well drafted and tried to draft out those areas. What are you looking for when you pre-draft roving well?

I expect to draft while spinning but I do predraft. Depending on the fiber I’m using and what form it is in, I’ll ‘fluff’ the fiber (pulling against the ‘grain’), then may split it with the ‘grain’ and may fluff again. I want the roving/top/batt/locks to be free flowing, not neccesarily the exactly the size I want the end yarn to be.
Realize everyone drafts/spins differently and there is no ONE right way. The real key (IMHO) is that you stay relaxed both in drafting and spinning
Hope this helps a little!

Thanks! I’ll keep working at it.