Limey says a

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]T[COLOR=DarkOrchid]H[COLOR=Lime]A[COLOR=DarkRed]N[COLOR=Red]K [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Y[COLOR=DarkOrange]O[COLOR=Blue]U![COLOR=SeaGreen]![COLOR=Yellow]!
[SIZE=4][COLOR=DarkOrange]For your absolutely wonderful gifts

I’m so chuffed!!!

[COLOR=Magenta]Rita knitted me ‘Rita’ - DQ sent me these lovely red and crystal beads - they look like [COLOR=Red]Roses in Ice - [COLOR=Magenta]and Sue in Canada sent me this [COLOR=Blue]MAGIC[/COLOR] knitting card.

I took lots more photos but the damn memory card is playing up - I’ll get it fixed and post a picture of some ‘Teddy Bear’ sheep that DQ sent.



wow, cool!

Awwww , You are most welcome my friend . I am just glad you liked her.
DQ’s beads look cute on her :slight_smile:
That card from Sue is stunning !!

You’re very welcome :mrgreen: Maybe now my Rita puppy will be safe! :teehee:

You are very welcome. Glad you like the card.

You ladies certainly have alot of talent! The “Ritaphant” is darling, beads are so cute and OMG, Sue, what an adorable card! And Limey, you lucky girl! :mrgreen:

Hi Jen

Puppy? Safe? - Oh, what an optimist!

As a matter of fact, Rita has sent me an adorable 'chog - hedgehog - she’s a lovely pink colour and matches ‘Rita’ elephant. I’ll post a picture later when I get the camera sorted out.

I was thinking … as your puppy is pink and as puppies are pack animals, I could give your ‘Rita’ a good home with two pink mates to play with! It’s a shame her sitting all alone in a window!:cry::sad::verysad:

Hi Mary

Yes, I am a lucky bunny, having such nice mates and if they’re anything like me, there’s simply no beginning to their talents:teehee:

All the Best and thanks very much again for your lovely presents.



Everything is wonderful! You know the saying tho… good things happen to good people… so…:yay:

Seeing as how someone won’t part with a pink puppy - I’ll only have this little guy for now

Awww! How cute!! :heart:

I’m still keeping my Rita-puppy though :teehee:

Awwwwwww SAM PUP is so adorable !!! now i can put a face to the bark lol:)
He is beautiful!

He’s a bit bigger now … but he’s still very much a daft, lovely, lab. is Sam Pup!

He is lovely and that shiney coat makes me want to go coochy coochy coo lol :slight_smile:


I know, he has that affect on everyone! It takes me forever to get to the park with him if I don’t time it right.

I just daren’t go past the school gates with him at break or lunchtime - he just loves people and doesn’t understand why he can’t get in the playground when hordes of kids come galloping towards him, shouting “Aw. Can I stroke him?”. Just laps it up, he does.

If the older people in the neighbourhood are collecting their pensions, then I can say ‘Ta, Ta’ to a brisk walk. They just love stroking and patting him. His favourite pitch is outside the chippy, getting cuddles and nose twitching at a mile a minute! :slight_smile:


He does look very cuddly :mrgreen: Is that one of those dog water bottle things with the tray that flips round? We’ve got one for our Sasha but she won’t drink from it :doh:

Limey, your dog is beautiful. I can well understand people wanting to pet him all the time.