Ok, I am the armwarmer girl who really won’t let this be! I solved my problem regarding the armwarmer question-I just turned the work inside out. I figured out that when I joined I used a method that slipped a left stitch onto the right and a right stitch over that slipped stitch. It’s a nice clean join but puts the working yarn on the wrong side! So I wanted to figure out my problem and started a new sample without the pattern. I’ve joined and my working yarn is on the right, but the stitches are growing upward (as opposed to downward like in normal knitting) and the desired stitch is inside. I read something that was explaining that some people prefer to knit that way but the impression I got was that this is not the norm. How do I get the desired pattern on the outside and why is my pattern growing up?

It’s just in how you’re holding the piece. After it gets a bit longer, you’ll see how to move it so the finished work is below your needles.

That’s a good way to make a tight join, btw, and when starting out, just pick up the yarn and begin knitting. It’s when you set it down and start up again that you have to be careful which needle it’s coming off of.

[B][COLOR=teal]It sounds like you should be able to just push your knitting in through the middle of your needles and everything will be in the proper place.[/COLOR][/B]

I forgot to mention that you might be holding them with the points away from you - happens when you first start out. Make sure they’re closer to you and that should straighten them out.