Just an easy question:

I’m working on a pair of legwarmers in the round on DPNs. The pattern asks that i divide the stitches evenly on 4 needles but can i divide them evenly on 3 needles? there’s no decreasing… just straight knitting the whole pattern. does it matter how many needles i use? i’d prefer to use 3 as there is less to get in the way.

Makes no difference if you use 3, 4, 5 or whatever DPNs, so long as the stitches fit neatly on one needle, and it’s comfortable knitting. 8)

Thanks!! i just felt so fumbly with 4 needles. 3 is much easier

Have you tried using 2 circulars? It works slickly…

TWO CIRCULARS??? how’s that work? if i had two sets of 8s i’d try that!

Look here and click on two circulars.