i have a question that i just thought of, probabaly has been asked before, but i’m askin again. why do they sell dpns 5 to a pack?

My cats chewed up the ends of one of my DPNs, luckily I had the 5th to use in it’s place.

I have no clue why they include the 5th needle but I am ever thankful that they do! It must be cheaper than selling singles as replacements.

i guess. but wouldn’t it be 3 replacements?

Nope, when you knit with DPNs you use 4 needles at one time. It looks complicated but is actually easy. I use my DPNs for knitting my DHs favorite socks!
I think Amy has a video for this and it will show you exactly how to use them.

Some projects require 5 DPNs, most only require 4. So selling them in packs of 5 solves both issues. Some people use all 5 out of preference, despite what the pattern calls for.

Here’s what a typical project on DPNs looks like. The live stitches are on 3 needles, and you use the 4th to knit with.

i’m not that advanced… i only use 2 to make an i-cord!

I just read somewhere that only Americans tend to use 4 needles and the rest of the world uses 5 :?? I can’t remember where I read that though…

I love using four needles to hold my stitches. It seems easier, somehow. I think it makes circular knitting look more circular and not so triangle-like. Or maybe I’m just waaay too anal retentive.

That makes sense… come to think of it, the only two 5 needle patterns I’ve done were from foreign designers. Interesting. I guess that means we’re unique! :roflhard: